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Auspicious Beginnings


I have blogged off and on for quite a few years.  In fact I use blogging as an excuse to create websites and blogs.  Actually doing both is a hobby.who-me-bush

But now I’m afraid I must pay a little more attention to blogging and getting my opinion out even if it’s just to myself.  I do not think that one can love their country and not have something to say about the things that happen within that country.  We take for granted that we have the right to say things about our country but that is not the point anymore.  We have the right and we must use it no matter what your beliefs are.

Moving on

Our national and local elections will occur November 6, 2012.  Approximately 8 months away. We are currently blessed with three absolutely idiotic Republican candidates, and one who is not an idiot but does not have the countries best interest in mind.

Ron Paul

the gentleman talks about freedom and liberties but I believe that he has a hidden agenda.  Mr. Paul wants to do away with first the 14th amendment.  The 14th is known as the citizenship rights amendment.  As I’m sure we are aware, it deals with people being citizens if they are born here.  Mr. Paul would take that away not only for illegal immigrants but for our own children.  I feel that that would bring on a citizenship test when they get older.  This amendment also talks about the validity of the public debt been recognized and not questioned.  Mr. Paul always talks about our liberties and wants to turn everything over to the state but he never discusses your liberties under the state.  That’s the part that scares me as he is trying to take away amendments.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is a very successful and wealthy businessman. On his own I would have to call him probably the most saying out of the four.  That would be if he was not running for president.  He has found himself having to lean to the far right in order to be accepted as a valid candidate by the tea party and the conservative elements of the GOP.  It’s just not him and quite frankly I have to feel a little bit for him trying to be something he is not in order to get elected.

Newt Gingrich

Mr. Gingrich is an enigma.  Many people call him the smartest of the four but I don’t.  I think he is a smart man that he is not as smart as Romney in my opinion. Mr. Gingrich will lie cheat and steal and say anything necessary to become a valid candidate.  He has had his time in the sun as a speaker of the house along with Bill Clinton who was president.  He was thrown from the House of Representatives for ethics violations.  He also has some ethics violations in terms of how he treated his past wives.  So he basically is carrying more baggage than most baggage carriers could carry in a year.

Rick Santorum

what can be said about Rick Santorum that hasn’t been said before?  Named by CREWE as one of the most corrupt representatives, and is extremely religious.  In fact that this time he is so religious he is attacking birth control and conception.  To him conception is wrong, but birth control is wrong as well.  I know it doesn’t make any sense that he is a Catholic who in my opinion is leaning heavily towards the Dominionism side of religion.  Under his guiding hand America would be led down the morality path.  Remember the freedom that we talked about above?  Mr. Santorum would do his best to monitor the things you write and say on a morality basis.  The church would be his driving force in law creation and approval.

So there we have our class of lunatics that are called candidates for the office of president.  In the coming months leading up to our elections I’m sure that 99% of my blogging will be based on the actions and quotes of these gentlemen.